The Innovation & Technology Commission announced today that it appointed Duncan Chiu as Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Research, Academic & Industry Sectors One-plus (RAISe+) Scheme.

To further promote the “1 to N” transformation of research and development (R&D) outcomes and industry development, the scheme was launched last year with the aim of unleashing the potential of local universities in transformation and commercialisation of R&D outcomes.

Apart from pointing out that the committee members come from the research, academic and industry sectors, the commission stated that their term will last for two years starting this year.

The scheme will fund, on a matching basis, at least 100 research teams in eight universities funded by the University Grants Committee, which have good potential to become successful startups.    

The Steering Committee of the RAISe+ Scheme has been set up under the Innovation & Technology Fund to vet eligible applications. ​Results of the first-round applications will be announced in the first quarter of this year.


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