Chief Executive John Lee congratulated a Hong Kong payload specialist on being selected as one of the country's fourth batch of preparatory astronauts, after the China Manned Space Agency announced the completion of the recruitment today. 

Mr Lee said it is the first time a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region citizen has been selected as a preparatory astronaut, specifically a payload specialist, under the National Manned Space Programme after an extremely rigorous selection process.

“The payload specialist may have the opportunity to conduct scientific research in space and contribute to the country's aerospace development. This writes a glorious history for the Hong Kong SAR and makes the whole of Hong Kong proud.”

The Chief Executive thanked the central government for its care for Hong Kong and the opportunity for the city's people to take part in the recruitment exercise.

He pointed out that the selection of a Hong Kong citizen as a payload specialist signifies the distinctive role that Hong Kong plays under “one country, two systems” through having the opportunity to take part in the national space programme.

“The selection of the first ever preparatory astronaut from Hong Kong also illustrates the importance the country has attached to the innovation and technology (I&T) development in Hong Kong, as well as its recognition of the capability of our I&T talent.

“Furthermore, it showcases the determination and perseverance of Hong Kong's young people in striving to make their dreams come true,” Mr Lee added.

The Hong Kong SAR Government will continue to implement a series of measures to nurture more research talent, with a view to supporting Hong Kong's development as an international I&T centre and contributing to the country's development into a nation that is strong in science and technology.

It will also render full support to the payload specialist and the family members for contributing to this mission of national glory.

The fourth batch of preparatory astronauts will later receive training at the China Astronaut Research & Training Center.


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