The New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (NZCCHK) and the French Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Hong Kong (FCCIHK) have both eagerly welcomed the implementation of the new Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong & Macao Residents (non-Chinese Citizens) by the Exit & Entry Administration of China. The new permit was announced on 1 July 2024 and introduced today.

NZCCHK Chairman David Whitwam pointed out that with the ongoing integration of Hong Kong’s trade, commerce and investment into the Greater Bay Area, of which the city is an integral part, the new permit will mean greater convenience and efficiency for NZCCHK members travelling between Hong Kong and the Mainland on a more frequent basis.

The permit’s implementation follows quickly after Premier Li Qiang’s announcement granting New Zealand passport holders visa-free access to Mainland China for tourism and business-related travel.

“It has been reported that since this announcement, there has been a significant uptick in online searches relating to China travel by New Zealanders,” Mr Whitwam said.

Meanwhile, FCCIHK President Alain Li said the initiative is a positive step towards enhancing regional mobility and fostering closer economic ties between Hong Kong and the Mainland.

He added that the chamber anticipates the measure will open up significant business opportunities across various sectors, facilitating smoother business operations and strengthening bilateral trade relations.

Under the new arrangement, all non-Chinese Hong Kong permanent residents will be able to make applications to China Travel Service (HK), as entrusted by the Exit & Entry Administration, to obtain the relevant permit. The permit allows holders to travel to the Mainland multiple times within a five-year validity period without the need to apply for a separate entry visa for each visit. Single visits must not exceed 90 days.


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