The Government has announced that a China Manned Space delegation will arrive in Hong Kong today for a four-day visit.

Led by China Manned Space Agency’s Deputy Director General Lin Xiqiang, the delegation comprises astronauts who have participated in the construction of the Chinese Space Station.

They include Shenzhou-12 astronaut Liu Boming, Shenzhou-13 astronaut Wang Yaping, Shenzhou-14 astronaut Chen Dong, Shenzhou-15 astronaut Zhang Lu and experts in manned space engineering systems.

As a welcome from the city, the delegation will attend a variety show at the Hong Kong Coliseum tomorrow. From 1pm today, the Home Affairs Department will distribute about 5,000 free tickets for the show, each with an assigned seat number, via the 20 Home Affairs Enquiry Centres.

The tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, with individuals being limited to a maximum of two tickets while stocks last. The show will be broadcast live at 5pm tomorrow on TVB Jade, and re-run at 1.15pm on December 2 on the same channel.

During the visit, the delegation will also officiate at the opening ceremony of the “China Manned Space Exhibition”, and meet representatives of Hong Kong’s innovation and technology sector, as well as teachers and students from tertiary, secondary and primary schools.

Chief Executive John Lee extended his welcome to the delegation and thanked the Central People’s Government for making the relevant arrangements.

He said: “Through the delegation’s visit, Hong Kong people can share the nation’s pride in China’s manned space development from close range, and develop a deeper understanding of the country’s developments in aerospace technologies.”


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