A visiting China Manned Space delegation this morning attended dialogue sessions organised by the Education Bureau at Pui Kiu Middle School, Ma Tau Chung Government Primary School (Hung Hom Bay) and Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary & Primary School.

During the sessions, members of the delegation talked to over 550 students from 20 primary schools and more than 690 students from 21 secondary schools about national developments and achievements in aerospace technology and space exploration.

Addressing the session at Pui Kiu Middle School, Secretary for Education Choi Yuk-lin extended a warm welcome and expressed her respect for the delegation, as well as her gratitude to the Central People’s Government for facilitating their presence in Hong Kong.

Noting that the country has now embarked on a lunar exploration programme, with the goal of landing Chinese on the moon by 2030, Ms Choi pointed out that this would not only reflect Chinese people’s glorious achievements, but also contribute significantly to the global development of aerospace technology.

At the session held at Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary & Primary School, Permanent Secretary for Education Michelle Li said the delegation’s visit demonstrated the importance the country attaches to Hong Kong’s young people and the care it has for them. She also encouraged Hong Kong students to have the motherland at heart, set a global vision, gaze up at the sky and pursue their dreams bravely to contribute to the country, Hong Kong and human civilisation.

On meeting the delegation, students took the opportunity to ask questions on subjects ranging from the outlook for space exploration and the possibility for humans to live in space, to the development and application of artificial intelligence in the field of aerospace. 


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