Three foreign chambers of commerce in Hong Kong have welcomed the announcement that non-Chinese Hong Kong permanent residents are eligible to apply for a new Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong & Macao Residents (non-Chinese Citizens).

The national Exit & Entry Administration will start issuing the card-type document on July 10 to facilitate non-Chinese Hong Kong permanent residents’ entry to the Mainland for the purposes of business, travel, and visiting relatives. The permits are expected to enhance holders’ convenience and ease of clearance at Mainland control points.

The British, Canadian and German chambers of commerce in Hong Kong all responded positively to the new measure.

British Chamber of Commerce Chair Jeremy Sheldon said it represented a step forward.

Growing trade and investment relies on trusting relationships making it easier for people to travel, meet and understand each other to build those relationships is essential, he added.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Chairman Alex Tam said the measure will facilitate greater cross-boundary mobility and economic integration between Hong Kong and the Mainland, creating new business opportunities for its members and long-time Hong Kong Canadian residents.

“We look forward to seeing this measure enhance the flow of talents, goods, and services between Hong Kong and the Mainland in the years ahead,” he added.

Meanwhile, German Chamber of Commerce President Johannes Hack likened the measure to the opening of the West Kowloon high-speed rail link, saying it will be a great way to make existing traffic move more easily.

“Looking back on the development of Mainland China visa and travel policies since the end of COVID-19, we are very heartened to see a continuous policy of simplifying and streamlining the process by the Mainland Chinese authorities, in conjunction with their Hong Kong counterparts,” he added.

Under the new arrangement, all non-Chinese Hong Kong permanent residents will be able to make applications to China Travel Service (HK), as entrusted by the Exit & Entry Administration, to obtain the relevant permit. The permit allows holders to travel to the Mainland multiple times within a five-year validity period without the need to apply for a separate entry visa for each visit. Single visits must not exceed 90 days.


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